Nail art is a way to make your own personal statement as well as turn your nails into the hottest fashion accessories around. In ‘The Nail Art Sourcebook’, you will find hundreds of ides for design using a full range of effects which can be done by yourself or take the book to your nail…



A gel manicure will start with a nail and cuticle tidy up then nail preparation for gel nails. The usual nail polish is replaced with a UV Gel polish which is applied in thin coats then cured under a UV or LED lamp. A clear top coat and base coat is also applied and some…

REVIEW: Tigi Superstar Spray

The Tigi Superstar Queen for a day thickening spray does exactly what it says on the tin.

Feel like a queen and look like a superstar. It gives you volume, body and lift that just won’t quit.

Its rated thickening factor 3, and rated 8 out of 10.

The spray has a lovely berry like smell and leaves your hair smelling gorgeous!

Use at the roots when the hair is almost dry and then finish and style in the regular way for instant results.

A superb product that gives you massive hair.

Tigi Bed Head Party Cream

What can I say about this product apart from how fantastic it is? You hardly need to use any, it smells absolutely delicious and the packaging is great.

Tigi Bed Head After Party Cream controls frizzy ends, smooths down the hair and adds shine and swing without feeling heavy.

All in all a must have hair product.

After party cream
flower essence

Aromatherapy Massage is a wonderfully relaxing holistic treatment that is recognised by many health professionals. Not just a ‘beauty’ treatment, an aromatherapy massage can also help with other health issues.

Combined with essential oils, an aromatherapy massage at the Hair and Beauty Lounge aims to completely relax you and release any tension.

Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.



Tigi Bed Head After Party Cream What can I say about this product except how fantastic it is. You hardly need any, it smells delicious and as usual has great packaging. It controls the frizzy ends and smooths down your hair and the cream adds shine and swing without it feeling heavy. All in all…